My Adventure At The Orchard

My Adventure At The Orchard

I love living in Mexico, but must admit I do miss my favorite season, fall.  So, this post, is updated, I like to travel up north to get my fix of the seasons and some inspiration for products.  A few weeks ago I took a trip to Michigan (Macomb Township suburbs of Detroit) to visit family and also to go to a pumpkin patch. I wanted to go there to have an authentic fall location to take photos of my top-selling fall flavor, Pumpkin Spice. I did some research in advance to pick which location I would go to and decided on Westview Orchard , which was about 30 miles from where I was staying. I was so excited, I felt like a little girl growing up in upstate New York (near Newburgh) and getting ready for a field trip. First, what to wear? Since south Florida is so hot, I was excited to take advantage of the 68 degree weather and wear a long sleeved shirt. So, I wore a black T-shirt with POLAROID printed in bright colors across.

Even tho the shirt was mostly black (my artist go to color), the bright colors made me feel extra youthful and happy.  With that I decided to wear my hair half up like Khloe Kardashian, which also made me feel younger. While I was getting ready, I was watching the new Mariah Carey video and her warm toned makeup was so beautiful, that it inspired me to wear more neutral colors like rich shades of rust and tones of peach/orange. I smoked out my eyes with shades from the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette, lined my lips with MAC Stripdown , and wore NARS Orgasm blush and lip-gloss. Now, I was ready for my adventure.

My nephew Joey (IG) picked me up and off we went. When we first arrived, I saw all the bright orange pumpkin patches as we were driving towards the entrance. Once, we entered, the display of fall flowers and haystacks made great props for my first shoot. After a few shots (one including a yoga instructor who asked if I could take a pic of her on top of a haystack in a tree pose position), we then proceeded to the pumpkin patch.  Since this was my first time visiting this orchard, I had to also take advantage of the seasonal apple picking. Honeycrisp were my favorite!  Wow, I now know how they got their name.

On the wagon ride to the apple orchard the kind tour guide gave directions on what to do. He stated, “None of the trees have any pesticides, GMO’s, or harmful chemicals, so you can just pick off the tree and eat it!” So, that’s exactly what I did! OMG, I never tasted an apple so fresh in my life! Before I left, I just had to stop by their cute little farmers market, where they had the most scrumptious bakery goods: pies, turnovers, candied apples, jams, cider, and more.   I picked up a pie for the family to enjoy. What was that about?! Heaven on earth!!

Not only did I have the most amazing day enjoying nature at its finest, but I also got my inspiration for my new fall flavored lip scrub, “Apple Pie”. I got so much inspiration between the apples, pumpkins, and yummy treats, that I decided to make our very first Bundle Set Special which includes: Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie organic lip scrubs, and pair them with the natural vanilla (my personal fav) lip balm. Voila!! You now have a delicious lip care pie-a-la-mode sensation!! Obsessed!!!

Fall is here!  XO-Mer